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Company profile

01.03.1989 - Establishment of the Firm

Establishment of the Firm
The company started its activities in 1989 using a trade licence of the future owners of the BONDY firm.

01.01.1990 - BONDY consortium

BONDY consortium
BONDY consortium was founded in 1990. It was made of the association of a few traders with a common production aim. The production specialised in the manufacturing of machinery components.

04.03.1992 - Establishment of the firm BONDY l.t.d.

Establishment of the firm BONDY l.t.d.
Increasing production volume resulted in founding a company focused mostly on manufacturing gear components. The production was realized in rented premises.

01.02.1994 - New production premises

New production premises
Together with increasing demands on manufacturing and technological equipment the production in own premises started. New own premises were bought in Modřice – it was a former developmental centre of the Fruta firm.

30.04.1994 - Grinding of toothing.

Grinding of toothing.
The first grinder was bought.Tooth grinding started. Later Reishauer and Niles grinders were added.

04.03.1998 - Rebuilding.

Rebuilding of existing premises started. Two existing halls were connected with a tube and material storehouse was added.Within this rebuilding new offices and social background for the staff were built.

20.11.2007 - NC lathe-turning

NC lathe-turning
The first NC lathe ALPHA 1500 S was bought.

15.07.2008 - Spiral eloid toothing

Spiral eloid toothing
Complete machine equipmet OERLICON for spiral wheels production was bought .

15.02.2011 - Paloid toothing

Paloid toothing
Klingelnberg – new technology for paloid spiral wheels was bought.

14.11.2011 - CNC working

CNC working
Extending of production capacities started and NEF 400 and DMC 635 V machines were bought.

21.05.2014 - Radical changes in tooth grinding

Radical changes in tooth grinding
Permanently increasing demands on toothing accuracy resulted in buying CNC grinder from NILES firm for both quality improvement and extending technological possibilities. Besides classical external tooth grinding the grinder also allows internal grinding , grinding of worms and equilateral profiles